How It Works


You submit a general case via the Connect@Cal site.


We search through our database and work with our partners to compile a response.


You get connected to the most relevant and useful resources!

Our Mission

We believe that the overabundance of information, siloed resources, and the state of UC Berkeley's support system have inhibited students from achieving holistic wellness on campus.

Connect@Cal serves as UC Berkeley’s trusted resource hub, connecting students to the most relevant resources and opportunities with a simple form submission.

Our Vision

We hope to reshape the way students and resource providers on campus are connected such that every resource gap in the system is identified and addressed.

In doing so, we hope students can achieve the holistic health and confidence needed to succeed at UC Berkeley.

Listen to our users!

"I'm glad that Connect@Cal is trying to provide students with helpful and efficient resources that meet their needs. Thank you for your help!"

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