Our Story

Navigating college is one of the most difficult and daunting experiences for students.

Being a first-generation college student and not knowing anyone walking into college made this problem even more real. Googling resources is not exhaustive and knowing the right people at the right time is not accessible.

Discovering campus resources should be easier, and that's why I founded Connect@Cal. It was based on the notion that resources should not be hard to reach, and that every student must have a service to get connected to the right resources, at the right time.

- Johnny Nguyen, Founder of Connect@Cal

Core Team

Johnny Nguyen

Founder and President

"As the founder, I lead our team around a vision to transform our campus's resource to student to success pipeline."

Ethan Chiu

Founder and Tech Lead

"I lead our tech team on the development and implementation of our user and admin sites that helps connect students with high quality resources as well as help plan our experimental work."

Eric Cheng

Founder and Tech Lead

"I help direct the Connect@Cal tech team and work on the Admin Site and Experimental Features."

Malia Jiang

External Vice President

"I develop Connect@Cal's brand strategy and lead the growth team to meet the marketing objectives."

Ria Jain

Internal Vice President

"I oversee our organization's recruitment and professional development process to build an effective team that strives to make access to all of cal’s resources more efficient and equitable."

Dana Feng

Design Lead and Developer

"I lead the UX/UI design for the tech team to ensure a better student and associate experience, as well as work on projects with the tech team."

Anne Nguyen

Operations VP and Software Engineer

"I direct the day-to-day operations, including leading a team of associates that analyze and compile resources for students, managing the resource database, and continually improving upon the process we use to handle cases. "

Dyllan Liu

Operations VP

"After creating a UC Berkeley resource database, I designed and directed the case management system to match students of diverse interests and needs to campus's resource. "

Michelle Chen

Operations VP

"I lead a team of associates to critically navigate the immense campus resources when answering submitted questions and ensure students can meet their basic needs to truly thrive at Berkeley."

Anjali Patel

Operations VP and Developer

"I am responsible for forging strategic partnerships for Connect@Cal with a focus on growth, awareness, and sponsorships. "

Garrett Chau

Finance Director

"I obtain and manage club funds through applying for grants and reimbursing members for operation expenses."

Katarina Stankovic

Marketing Director

"I direct our marketing campaigns and facilitate outreach to external orgs on campus."

Mohana Hatami

People Ops Director

"I assist the People Operations Director with recruitment of new team members as well as planning socials, and finding new opportunities for the club!"

Zoe Chyatte

Resources VP

"I provide resource-centered solutions to students and internal projects."

Wish Wang

Partnerships Director and Software Engineer

"Utilizing my skills, I help to make resources easily accessible to the Berkeley community."

Jason To

Transfer Community Director

Ahllain Santos

Diversity and Inclusion Director

Tech Team

More bios to be added soon!

Genna Gams

Software Engineer

"I help our team respond to resource requests efficiently."

Shayan Ghosh

Software Engineer

"I design and build experimental backend features to improve the case management system."

Yi Qian

Software Engineer

"I design and implement frameworks on Figma into C@C's website."

Laura Pei

Software Engineer and Designer

"I work with the tech team to maximize efficiency in handling requests for resources. "

Elvis Wei

Software Engineer

"I work on the technical side of case management at Connect@Cal by linking databases, creating API endpoints, and developing Slack applications."

Jason Chan

Software Engineer

Joelle Siong Sin

Software Engineer

Siddhant Satapathy

Software Engineer

Benjamin Chou

Software Engineer

Design Team

More bios to be added soon!

Xiaoyu Hu


Desiree Wang


Amal Alyousfi


Anna Kuang


Mohini Rye


Operations Team

More bios to be added soon!

Abbie Lei

Student Success Operations Associate and Finance Commitee Member

"I analyze and compile resources for students, helping them succeed at Cal and enhancing their experience on such an immense campus."

Roma Bedekar

Operations Associate and Growth Team Member

"I help students find resources for their needs as an associate and help with marketing efforts on the growth team."

Rishika Singh

Operations Associate

Parneet Sahota

Operations Associate

Kempton McCarty

Operations Associate

James Nguyen

Operations Associate

Gujan Anand

Operations Associate

David Cheng

Operations Associate

Cameron Kalantar

Operations Associate

June Nguyen

Operations Associate

Orianna Jia

Operations Associate

Evan Quan

Operations Associate

Ashank Verma

Operations Associate

Stephanie Wong

Operations Associate

Grace Hunzicker

Operations Associate

Jessica Wang

Operations Associate

Millie Kobayashi

Operations Associate

Phat (Henry) Lam

Operations Associate

Flora Zeng

Operations Associate

Nadia AlAjmi

Operations Associate

Lauren Zheng

Operations Associate