Meet Our Collaborators and Board of Advisors

Our collaborators are organizations with leaders we have met who have helped shape the direction of our service. With their partnership, we have been able to better direct students to resources.
Our board of advisors play an active role to ensure our service is community-rooted and community-advised. We collaborate with these groups to ensure our service and resources span across communities and that we can effectively serve as many students as possible.*

Our Collaborators

Basic Needs Center
The Basic Needs center acts as a physical resource hub for basic resources and services.
Asian Pacific American Student Development(APASD)
APASD serves the needs of Asian American, Pacific Islander, South Asian, Southwest Asian, and North African communities by providing the necessary tools and resources for the students and their communities.
Career Center
The Career Center provides resources, programs, and counseling on career development, internships, employment, and graduate school with the mission to equip students and alumni with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their future.

Our Board of Advisors

Financial Wellness Commission
The ASUC Financial Wellness Commission aims to increase UC Berkeley students' awareness of and accessibility to financial resources, opportunities, and programs on campus. This includes health affordability, housing affordability, food security, financial literacy, and overall financial wellness.
Academic Affairs Vice President
AAVP promotes proactive action and solutions to resolve problems, challenges, and barriers that threaten the academic success of UC Berkeley students.
Student Advocate's Office (SAO)
ASUC Student Advocate's Office provides free and confidential representation, help, and advice to any student or student group involved in a dispute with the University. SAO's caseworkers carry the experience and knowledge about issues within finances, academics, student conduct, and other student grievances.
ASUC Senator Liam Will
ASUC Senator Sarah Bancroft
*Collaborators and members of board of advisors do not reflect the opinion, endorsement, or sponsorship of the organization but are used for title purposes only.

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